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Once very much in need, having no one but us, these dogs are now in the very best of homes.

Soldier German with Proud Mom Linda

Rex Maybury Helping with Evening Dishes

Boris Black Having Fun with Mom

Bo Bermudex with Family Members

Blue Spangler

Bogie and Ceaser with Sam

Taylor, Cameron and Dakota

Slate & Silver Monahan

Zoe (Bambino's Best Friend)

Bambino After a Hard Day at the Dog Park

Sadie and Otis Renninger at Their Favorite Park

Bailey Turnpaugh

Indy Brunner Now Residing in Portugal

Greyson Terceira at the Beach

Denver Grissom

Bowie Lombard

Willa and Hunter Kreisel with Mom

Taiga Grantham's First Snow

Ike Mc Donald

Cole Pierce

Hunter Jones

Greyson and Moxie Terceira

Look what a handsome well-trained boy he is!

Phoebe Lowe with New Mom, Sarah!

Dee Dee with Best Friend

Floyd Safely Home Again After a Frightening Kidnap (a Reminder That When a Dog Goes Out The Doggy Door at Night, Someone May Be Waiting)

Kara and Hazel Hanson

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