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Many countries claim to be the original home of the Dalmatian. His lineage is ancient, reputed to go back as far as the Egyptians’ chariot days. The breed has often been found with nomadic tribes in Europe, Asia, Africa. It is generally accepted, however, that the Dal originated in Dalmatia, a province of Austria.

A sensitive, intelligent breed, the Dalmatian has been easily trained in varying positions of responsibility. He has been a sentinel on the borders of Dalmatia and Croatia. He’s been an adept shepherd. As a Sporting dog, he’s been used as a bird dog, a trail hound and a retriever. Of course, he’s best known in his roles as English Coach Dog and fire station mascot.

The adult Dalmatian is generally a quiet gentleman. He’s courteous with strangers, but politely reserved. He bonds tightly with his family, and tends to be protective of them.

While a hardy breed, the Dalmatian must be fed a low-protein diet. He is the only breed prone to kidney stones. A commercial quality food with no more than 22% protein is essential.

The Dalmatian has sensitive skin. It is essential that he be kept clean, flea-free, and fed a quality diet (no generic kibble, please; no more than 22% protein).

The Dalmatian prefers to be a house dog. He wants to be wherever his family is. His potential is lost when he’s relegated to an isolated existence.

Handle your Dalmatian with respect, kindness & affection. He will treat you the same. A roughly handled dog becomes as much of a bully as his master.


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